List of abstract noun

Here in this page we have included List of abstract noun in a table. There are various types of noun in English grammar. Some of them are –

(i) Common noun

(ii) Proper noun

(iii) Collective noun

(iv) Material noun

(v) Abstract noun etc.

Question of abstract noun might come at exam hall. So here we have arranged it in a table for the students.

Word Abstract Form
brave Bravery
wise Wisdom
cruel Cruelty
Honest Honesty
ignorant Ignorance
proud Pride
poor Poverty
Short Shortage
laugh Laughter
Punish Punishment
Advise Advice
Starve Starvation
Die Death
Choose Choice
Succeed Success
Think Thought
Relieve Relief
Live Life
Hero Heroism
Friend Friendship
Parent Parentage
Pilgrim Pilgrimage
Enemy Enmity
Child Childhood
Slave Slavery
Thief Theft
Infant Infancy
Patriot Patriotism
Pay Payment
Multiply Multiplication
Know Knowledge
Scarce Scarcity
Decide Decision
Argue Argument
Perfect Perfection
Clean Cleanliness
Loyal Loyalty
Appoint Appointment
Unite Unity
Lazy Laziness
Deep Depth
Provide Provision
Educate Education
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