List of adjective form

Here in this page we have included List of Adjective forms in a table. This type of question might ask at exam hall. So here we have arranged it in a table for all important Adjective forms.

Word Adjective form
Width Wide
Excellence Excellent
Intelligence Intelligent
Prudence Prudent
Significance Significant
Fitness Fit
Happiness Happy
Hardness Hard
Roughness Rough
Rudeness Rude
Sharpness Sharp
Smartness Smart
Softness Soft
Sweetness Sweet
Toughness Trough
Bravery Brave
Gallantry Gallant
Depth Deep
Length Long
Truth True
Warmth Ability
Ability Able
Activity Active
Brevity Brief
Brutality Brutal
Capability Capable
Equality Equal
Clarity Clear
Curiously Curious
Extremity Extreme
Generosity Generous
Humility Humble
Security Secure
Cruelty Cruel
Frailty Frail
Poverty Poor
Soverignty Sovereign
Brilliance Brilliant
Congruence Congruent
Confidence Confident
Dependence Dependent
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