List of Antonyms

Here in this post we have included List of Antonyms in a table. This type of question might ask at exam hall. So here we have arranged it in a table for all important Antonyms.

Word Antonyms
Responsible Irresponsible
Obey Disobey
Patient Impatient
Legal Illegal
Support Oppose
Strict Lenient
Smile Frown
Punish Reward
Poor Wealthy
Punish Reward
Poor Wealthy
Peace War
Natural Artificial
Major Minor
Kindness Cruelty
Humble Proud
Familiar Strange
Entrance Exit
Cruel kind
Create Destroy
Borrow Lend
Begin Finish
Accept Reject
Absence Presence
Hard Soft
Old Young
Open Close
Lost Found
Weak Strong
Safe Dangerous
Buy Sell
Empty full
First Last
Tight Loose
Deep Shallow
Foolish Wise
Friend Enemy
Remember Forget
Rough Smooth
Perfect Imperfect
Complete Incomplete
Regular Irregular
Advantage Disadvantage
Necessary Unnecessary
Comfortable Uncomfortable
Cruelty Kindness
Construction Destruction
Weakness Strength
Arrival Departure
Falsehood Truth
Slavery Freedom
Absence Presence
Death Life
Foolishness Wisdom
Cowardice Bravery
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