List of collective noun

Here in this page we have included List of collective noun in a table. There are various types of noun in English grammar. Some of them are –

(i) Common noun

(ii) Proper noun

(iii) Collective Noun

(iv) Material noun

(v) Abstract noun etc.

Question of Collective noun might come at exam hall. So here we have arranged it in a table for the students.

Word Collective Form
spiders a clutter of spiders.
monkeys a barrel of monkeys.
doves a dole of doves.
mules a barren of mules
birds a flock of birds
Crocodiles a bask of Crocodiles.
directors A board of directors.
pigeons a dropping of pigeons
Barracudas a battery of Barracudas
falcons/hawks a cast of falcons/hawks.
Guillemots a bazaar of Guillemots.
chicks a clutch of chicks
clams a bed of Clams.
parrots a company of parrots
widgeons A company of widgeons
men A body of men
Eels a bed of Eels
gypsies A caravan of gypsies
ravens a conspiracy of ravens
eagles a convocation of eagles
crooks A bunch of crooks
Oysters a bed of Oysters
coots cover is a cover of coots
snakes a bed of snakes
singers A choir of singers
grouse a drumming of grouse
actors A company of actors
doves a dule of doves
Hyenas A clan of Hyenas
Sailors A crew of Sailors
Hippos A bloat of Hippos
toucans A durante of toucans
Prisoners A gang of prisoners
Ants An Army of Ants
dancers A group of dancers
larks An exaltation of larks
Boars A Herd of Boars
savages A horde of savages
Cattle A Herd of Cattle
woodcocks a fall of woodcocks
kings A line of kings
grouse a covey of grouse
Cubs A Litter of Cubs
Lions A Pride of Lions
thieves A pack of thieves
Lambs A Fall of Lambs
partridges a covey of partridges
pheasants a covey of pheasants
Bees A Swarm/Hive of Bees
friends A party of friends
ptarmigans a covey of ptarmigans
Cows A Flink of Cows
policemen A patrol of policemen
quail a covey of quail.
Flies A Swarm of Flies
lapwings A deceit of lapwings
Cockles A Bed of Cockles.
employees A staff of employees.
Camels A Caravan of Camels
Players A team of players.
chickens A brood of chickens
Butterflies A Flutter of Butterflies
natives A tribe of natives
Giraffes A Tower of Giraffes
hens A brood of hens
Oxen A Yoke of Oxen
scouts A troop of scouts
pheasants A brood of Pheasants.
Whales A Pod of Whales
artistes A troupe of artistes
penguins a huddle of penguins
Dogs A Kennel of Dogs
magicians An illusion of magicians.
Dragons A Flight of Dragons
roebucks a bevy of roebucks
Turtles A bale of turtles.
arabs A tribe of Arabs
swans bevy or lamentation
cats A clowder of cats.
angels A host of angels
rooks A building of rooks
people A crowd of people.
Grasshoppers A Cluster of bees/grasshoppers
woodpeckers A descent of woodpeckers
magistrates A bench of magistrates.
Starlings A Clutter of Starlings
delegates A conference of delegates
birds A dissimulation of birds.
Beavers A colony of beavers
sparrows A host of sparrows.
officials A staff of officials.
Gulls A colony of gulls
hawks A kettle of hawks
students A class of students
Rabbits A colony of rabbits.
worshippers A congregation of worshippers.
acrobats A troupe of acrobats.
Baboons A congress of baboons
senators A house of senators.
Curs A cowardice of curs.
crows A murder of crows
experts A panel of experts.
Rhinos A crash of rhinos.
Hounds A cry of hounds.
magpies A murder of magpies
athletes A team of athletes
Bacteria A team of athletes.
geese A wedge of geese.
Hares A down of hares.
ladies A bevy of ladies.
plovers A wing of plovers.
swine A doylt of swine
listeners An audience of listeners
owls A wisdom of owls
fish A draught of fish.
nightingales A watch of nightingales.
merchants A syndicate of merchants.
Squirrels A dray of squirrels
buzzards A wake of buzzards
Pig A drift of pig
butlers A draught of Butlers.
foxes An earth of foxes.
vultures A wake of vultures.
otter A family of otter
guests A cohort of guests.
Ferrets A fesnyng of ferrets.
visitors A cohort of visitors.
capercaillie A tok of capercaillie
Racehorses A field of racehorses.
pardoners A lying of pardoners.
flamingo A stand of flamingo
sheriffs A posse of sheriffs.
lice A flock of lice
seagulls A squabble of seagulls
sheep A flock of sheep.
pupils A class of pupils
jellyfish A Fluther of jellyfish
teal A spring of teal
cranes A sedge of cranes
flowers A bunch of flowers.
rice a bowl of rice.
trees a clump of trees. or a grove of trees
fruits a basket of fruits or a crate of fruits.
Durians a heap of durians.
Bananas a comb of bananas or a bunch of bananas.
Grass a tuft of grass.
Shrubs a shrubbery of shrubs.
Grapes a bunch of grapes.
Peas a pod of peas.
Brownies a pack of brownies.
Plants a nursery of plants. or a clump of plants or a pot of plants or a row of plants
Orchids a rarity of orchids.
Aspen a clone of aspen
Corn a tassel of corn
Arabidopsis an agar of Arabidopsis.
Succulents a reservoir of succulents.
hostas a horde of hostas.
Prunus a henge of prunus.
stoneftruit a henge of stoneftruit.
cacti a spike of cacti.
Aloes a pack of aloes
Sphagnum a carpet of sphagnum.
Cotton Grass a flurry of Cotton Grass.
ferns a firework of ferns.
boxwoods a chamber of boxwoods.
Dandelions a drift of dandelions
Peonies a droop of peonies.
Sunflowers a vincent of sunflowers.
aspens a trembling of aspens.
redwoods a towering of redwoods.
Oaks a majesty of oaks.
Birches an advance of birches
Maples a canvas of maples.
Alders a mess of Alders.
Yews a gloom of yews.
peaches an orchard of peaches.
Roses a garden of Roses.
Shoes a pair of shoes
Islands a group of islands or a chain of islands.
Mountains a chain of mountains or a range of mountains.
Photographs an album of photographs.
Cotton Cotton is a bale of cotton.
Exercises a book of exercises.
Rain a shower of Rain.
Ships a fleet of ships. or an armada of ships
Events a series of events.
words a glossary of words
phrases a glossary of phrases.
sticks a bundle of sticks
sand a heap of sand.
names a list of names.
cars a line of cars.
stars a cluster of stars.
tools a set of tools.
hay a stack of hay.
pictures a gallery of pictures.
cigars a box of cigars.
eggs a clutch of eggs.
wine a cellar of wine.
breads a batch of breads.
art a museum of art.
stairs a flight of stairs.
goods a catalogue of goods.
arrows a sheaf of arrows.
windmills a whirl of windmills.
lorries a fleet of lorries.
colors a palette of colors.
keys a ring of keys.
guns a battery of Guns.
cards a pack of cards.
computers a network of computers.
books a library of books.
pearls a string of pearls.
remedies a rabble of remedies.
rumors a nest of rumors.
tasks an agenda of tasks.
poems an anthology of poems.
prose an anthology of prose.
poems/prose an anthology of poems/prose.
maps an atlas of maps.
circuits a bank of circuits.
monitors a bank of monitors.
papers a budget of papers.


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