List of feminine gender for CBSE, ICSE students

Here in this page we have included List of feminine gender in a table. There are two types of gender in English grammar.

(1) Masculine gender.
(2) Faminine gender.

We might forget, gender of particular noun. So here we have arranged some important feminine gender list.

Masculine Gender  Feminine Gender
bachelor maid/spinster
buck doe
dog bitch
lad lass
drake duck
earl countess
colt filly
husband wife
monk nun
uncle aunt
nephew niece
gander goose
gentleman lady
drone bee
wizard witch
heir heiress
lion lioness
poet poetess
actor actress
prince princess
waiter waitress
negro negress
duke duchess
emperor empress
tiger tigress
master mistress
hunter huntress
grand father grand mother
man servant maid servant
landlord land lady
sales man sales woman
grandson grand daughter
he-goat she-goat
bull-calf cow-calf
milkman milkmaid
stepfather stepmother
peacock peahen
priest priestess
king queen
doctor Doctress


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