List of Noun form to Verb form

Here in this page we have included List of Noun form to Verb form in a table. This type of question might ask at exam hall. So here we have arranged it in a table for all important Noun form to Verb forms.

Word Verb Form
Dismissal Dismiss
Proposal Propose
Survival Survive
Trial Try
Admission Admit
Concession Concede
Conversion Convert
Diversion Divert
Emission Emit
Omission Omit
Permission Permit
Submission Submit
Alignment Align
Amazement Amaze
Appointment Appoint
Deportment Deport
Employment Employ
Enactment Enact
Improvement Improve
Nourishment Nourish
Settlement Settle
Closure Close
Contexture Context
Enclosure Enclose
Exposure Expose
Failure Fail
Pleasure Please
Absorbance Absorb
Acceptance Accept
Allowance Allow
Avoidance Avoid
Clearance Clear
Compliance Comply
Disturbance Disturb
Governance Govern
Hindrance Hinder
Insurance Insure
Performance Perform
Tolerance Tolerate
Action Act
Attraction Attract
Calculation Calculate
Celebration Celebrate
Collection Collect
Contradiction Contradict
Demotion Demote
Dispersion Disperse
Duplication Duplicate
Generation Generate
Incubation Incubate
Absence Absent
Emergence Emerge
Existence Exist
Excellence Excel
Insistence Insist
Occurrence Occur
Preference Prefer
Residence Reside
Assemblage Assemble
Blockage Block
Carriage Carry
Coverage Cover
Drainage Drain
Amplification Amplify
justification Justify
Application Apply
Certification Certify
Glorification Glorify
implication Imply
Verification Verify
Multiplication Multiply
Quantification Quantify
Modification Modify
Activation Activate
Adaptation Adapt
Admiration Admire
Agitation Agitate
Alienation Animate
Authentication Authenticate
Cancellation Cancel
Civilisation Civilise
Combination Combine
Confirmation Confirm
Devastation Devastate
Examination Exam
Obligation Oblige
Preparation Prepare
Perturbation Perturb
Resignation Resign
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