Plural Noun to Singular Noun List

Here in this page we have included list of Plural Noun to Singular Noun for students. This type of question might ask at exam hall. So here we have arranged it in a table for all important Plural Noun to Singular Noun.

Plural Form Singular Form    
Copies Copy
Countries Country
Cries Cry
Cuckoos Cuckoo
Cups Cup
Daughters-in-laws Daughter-in-law
Days Day
Decies Deci
Deers Deer
Dogs Dog
Donkeys Donkey
Dozens Dozen
Duties Duty
Essays Essay
Families Family
Fathers Father
Fathers-in-laws Father-in-law
Fishes Fish
Flies Fly
Feet Foot
Foxes Fox
Gases Gas
Glasses Glass
Grasses Grass
Hairs Hair
Halves Half
Hands Hand
Heroes Hero
Hoofs Hoof
Horses Horse
Houses House
Inches Inch
Jars Jar
Keys Key
Knives Knife
Ladies Lady
Lasses Lass
Legs Leg
Lives Life
Loaves Loaf
Loofs Loof
Loves Love
Maidservants Maidservant
Men Man
Mangoes Mango
Monkeys Monkey
Mothers Mother
Mothers-in-laws Mother-in-law
Mice Mouse
News News
Oxen Ox
Pencils Pencil
People Person
Pitches Pitch
Poetries Poetry
Potatoes Potato
Proofs Proof
Quizzes Quiz
Radios Radio
Rays Ray
Rivers River
Scissors Scissor
Selves Self
Sheeps Sheep
Shops Shop
Sisters Sister
Skies Sky
Sister in laws Sister-in-law
Son-in-laws Son-in-law
Spies Spy
Stories Story
Tables Table
Thieves Thief
Teeth Tooth
Toys Toy
Trousers Trouser
Watches Watch
Wishes Wish
Women Woman
Wives Wife
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