CBSE Class 1 English MCQ questions

CBSE Class 1 English MCQ questions : 

(1) The word cloud rhymes with _____.
a) loud
b) down
c) on
d) sink

(2) The opposite of bright is _____
a) dull
b) lull
c) up
d) full

(3) An _____ keeps us dry in the rain.
a) umbrella
b) sky
c) rainbow
d) cloud

(4) A rainbow has _____ colours.
a) six
b) five
c) seven
d) three

(5) She _____ a beautiful dress.
a) am
b) has
c) have
d) do

(6) _____ is Anandi’s favourite cat.
a) Milli
b) bull
c) lilly
d) pup

(7) They _____ a blue car.
a) have
b) has
c) are
d) is

(8) A turtle has a _____
a) shell
b) stone
c) seal

(9) A _____ was dozing under a tree.
a) tiger
b) lion
c) bear
d) cat

(10) I am _____ to be an Indian.
a) proud
b) come
c) poud
d) prood

(11) _____ is your name?
a) What
b) Why
c) Are
d) Is

(12) Why should I go away? Iam not _____ you”
a) afraid
b) happy
c) smile
d) cry

(13) The plural of bird is _____
a) birds
b) bird
c) birdy
d) birdes

(14) Anandi loved to _____ and paint.
a) draw
b) sing
c) dance
d) talk

(15) A tiger has _____
a) dot
b) spot
c) stripes
d) horn

(16) _____ was dreaming of rainbows.
a) Anandi
b) Rani
c) Raju
d) Rema

(17) The sky is _____
a) blue
b) green
c) purple
d) yellow

(18) There are _____ vowels in English .
a) six
b) two
c) five
d) four

(19) The young one of a tiger is called _____
a) cub
b) pup
c) cat
d) cup

(20) A butterfly looks _____
a) ugly
c) beautiful
d) dot

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