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  1. Suvankar Chakraborty

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    Subject – Changing Role of Media.

    Respected Sir,
    Through the columns of your prestigious newspaper, i might like to put forward my views relating to the role of media of late. In a democratic country like ours, media plays a really essential role. It’s media that acts as an inner spirit to each individuals and the government.

    Different media, like print, electronic etc. play a constructive role in shaping the society and nation as a full. However, recently, the media has been going perverse. Due to the desire to remain on the quantity one position, media has started publishing and showing fully absurd things. Also, they have learnt to sensationalise each news, be it a celebrity’s marriage or concerning some kid’s rescue from a ditch. These days, media has conjointly keep company with a replacement trend of coverage of the latest episodes of the TV serials, rather than choosing on the more necessary problems that area unit going down within the nation. It is terribly clear that the media has been exploiting the liberty given to them, in recent times. All they’re doing is, victimization low-cost ways to achieve quality.

    It is recommended so that media ought to stop worrying concerning the ratings, try and bring out true facts. It may also build individuals aware of such a big amount of social ills prevailing in society. I hope my plea would be thought-about by the individuals involved.

    Yours sincerely,
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