Singular Noun to Plural Noun List

Here in this page we have included list of Singular Noun to Plural Noun for students. This type of question might ask at exam hall. So here we have arranged it in a table for all important Singular Noun to Plural Noun.

Singular Form Plural Form
Army Armies
Ass Asses
Baby Babies
Bamboo Bamboos
Bench Benches
Bird Birds
Boat Boats
Bone Bones
Box Boxes
Brother-In-Law Brothers-In-Laws
Buffalo Buffaloes
Bush Bushes
Caddy Caddies
Calf Calves
Car Cars
Chair Chairs
Chief Chiefs
City Cities
Class Fellow Class Fellows
Cliff Cliffs
Clutch Clutches
Copy Copies
Country Countries
Cow Cows
Cry Cries
Cuckoo Cuckoos
Cup Cups
Day Days
Deci Decies
Deer Deers
Dog Dogs
Dozen Dozens
Duty Duties
Essay Essays
Family Families
Father Fathers
Father-In-Law Fathers-In-Laws
Fish Fishes
Fly Flies
Fox Foxes
Gas Gases
Penny Pennies
Person People
Pitch Pitches
Poetry Poetries
Potato Potatoes
Proof Proofs
Quiz Quizzes
Radio Radios
Ray Rays
River Rivers
Scissor Scissors
Self Selves
Sheep Sheeps
Shop Shops
Singular Plural
Singular Noun Plural Noun
Sister Sisters
Sister-In-Law Sisters-In-Laws
Sky Skies
Spey Spies
Stepson Stepsons
Table Tables
Goose Geese
Child Children
Halo Halos
Volcano Volcanoes Or Volcanos
Cactus Cacti
Focus Foci
Analysis Analyses
Ellipsis Ellipses
Phenomenon Phenomena
Criterion Criteria
Series Series
Species Species
Bus Buses
Marsh Marshes
Lunch Lunches
Tax Taxes
Blitz Blitzes
Fez Fezzes
Wife Wives
Wolf Wolves
Roof Roofs
Belief Beliefs
Chef Chefs
Chief Chiefs
Puppy Puppies
Tomato Tomatoes
Piano Pianos
Cat Cats
House Houses
Truss Trusses
Foot Feet
Mouse Mice
Glass Glasses
Grass Grasses
Hair Hairs
Hand Hands
Hoof Hoofs
Horse Horses
Inch Inches
Jar Jars
Lady Ladies
Duty Duties
Lass Lasses
Leg Legs
Loaf Loaves
Love Loves
Maidservant Maidservants
Monkey Monkeys
Radio Radios
Mother-In-Law Mothers-In-Laws
News News
Self Selves
Pencil Pencils
Uncle Uncles
Watch Watches
Wish Wishes
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